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Elastic Pants

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Nylon pants with elastic waist and bottom.


100% Nylon


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Աշխատանք N-1 was created in a collaboration between LaGalleria, TUMO Studios and Victor Nouman, as part of LaGalleria’s social responsibility platform LGL3, inspired by youth, and aimed at cultivating a new cultural aesthetic.


Proceeds from the collection will go towards expanding TUMO Studios, giving more students the chance to develop their design skills and explore their creative potential.


Special thanks to the young designers of TUMO Studios for their collaboration and creative support:

Mariam Emeksizian, Lily Mehrabyan, Varditer Muradyan, Elen Azatyan, Argishti Antonyan, Armine Sahakyan, Christine Hambardzumyan, Lusine Mardanyan, Sonya Avagyan.

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S/45, M/48, L/50